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E-Charger  for Electric Vehicle (EV)

Stand Alone or Networked Units


SMS enabled

E-Charger nominated in four categories for Product of the Year 2010




Charger Stand Alone or Networked Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station EC15A/32A Units


The EC15A/32A EV charging stations manufactured and designed by E-Green Technologies Pty Ltd are unique and the most feature-packed charging stations available in Australia. These units can be installed alone or in a network of smart charging infrastructure for Evs.


E-Charger performs energy metering via a certified electronic meter. The client payment is done via an innovative SMS generated message (patent pending). This flexibility allows anyone with a mobile phone and sufficient funds to have access to E-Charger - no subscription or special billing is required.


Any client with a mobile phone can access E-Charger. The access for a charging session can be allowed by SMS to the same Australia-wide number. If a client has a compatible EV after the “handshake” between the EV and E-Charger, data about the battery charge level can be transmitted via SMS back to the client. E-Charger can also monitor and collect battery temperature levels and automatically cut off power, if required.


If E-Charger is to be used on roads or other Council property, E-Charger can perform a parking meter function, with payment also via SMS message.



News at E-Green Technologies

E-Green Technologies and Broens Industries established a working agreement between two companies. As part of this agreement, Broens Industries will manufacture E-Charger on behalf of E-Green Technologies.

Please visit Broens at